They have done some big things. You?

Garuda Muda just lost the game from Malaysia soccer team. For me, it is not about winning or losing, but how they play the game. And they have done a very good performance. They gave a show to more than 70.000 audiences in the stadium and many more who follow the show on tv and internet streaming.

I just don’t understand why those audiences still gave bad comment on Garuda Muda. The have done some big things during the SEA Games while YOU have done nothing for the country. So please, if you can’t say something good about them, then just shut your mouth off. Thank you!

When it turns to be annoying

After getting married for few months, people start to ask you, whether you are pregnant or no? For my family, it is a very personal question. We can’t just go out and ask a friend about it. Unfortunately living in this culture we are surrounded with people who keep asking us the “question”.

For some who are considering to postpone to have kids or even don’t want to have kids, it is not a big deal for them. But for people who are trying hard to have kid but still can’t get pregnant, it is kind of abusive question.

To have kids is a choice for every couple. But still, there is God will that will make it happen. Just like death, we never know until it comes, so does the pregnancy.

So, when a relative, friend, asking you “are you pregnant yet? go have a baby soon, don’t postpone! when will you have a baby?” Just simply answer ” When will you die? If you know when will you die, then I will know when I will have a baby”.

Your TV Program Tells who You are

I have more than 100 channels on my paid cable TV, not because I love to jump from one channel to the next with my remote control. I am not kind of person who sit for hours watching television.

As far as I remember I only watch less than 10 channels; TLC (almost all programs), StarWorld (MasterChef, some sitcoms), AXN (House, Amazing Race, CSI), NatGeo, NatGeo Adventure, BBC Knowledge, and …* I can’t even remember anymore channel and programs.

A colleague I had lunch with today told me she loves to watch BBC Knowledge. And my other colleague during coffee break told me about a program on BBC Knowledge. Both of them are people with strong analytic thinking. On the other hand, colleagues who love to watch only sinetron (sinema elektronik, soap opera) also has different way of thinking which is also interesting.

There is no right or wrong, nor good or bad. Me myself have a very wide of interest as I have mentioned above. How about you? 🙂

Cycling from Kintamani to Pejeng

I was in Bali for Ubud Writers and Readers Festival and have one full day off before the volunteer work. I planned to go to Padang Bai, playing on the beach, feel the sun and the sand. But, as it takes more than an hour ride from Ubud, where I stay, I finally changed my plan to take a bike riding in an eco-tour.

Being picked up on time is something really I like. It quiet sometimes to have experienced and work with people who appreciate time in Indonesia. Most of people in Indonesia has a rubber time (jam karet). There were 12 of us on the mini van headed to Kintamani for breakfast. The view along the way was breathtaking. I never have seen the green looks that green before. The padi field, look like terraces with many different gradation green.

We reached Kintamani after one hour drive, and ready for breakfast. They served us many different kind of breakfast to choose, from Balinese nasi campur to pancake with maple syrup, fruit juices, tea and of course Balinese coffee. The most stunning thing was the view in front of us while sipping our coffee, it was caldera. We were 1500 meters above sea level.

After finished our breakfast, we visited coffee plantation, along with cocoa, jackfruit, durian, and many tropical fruit and spices like cinnamon, pepper, ginger and many more.

We start cycling from here after the plantation. We didn’t really pedaling at the start. The view alongside were very interesting. Even for me Indonesian. I came from very different culture background to this thing. Funny to know actually, I found there was no other Indonesian taking this kind of tour. Still wonder why.

We stop at some spot to learn about culture and what it tells behind what we have seen. Very interesting. I believe not so many Indonesian even learnt about this.

We reached Pejeng as final stop. Had our delicious lunch and return to Ubud. Worth every penny. You should try this cycling tour.